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rrrrrrrrrrr  by admin

Al Phlipp & The Woo Team Is Fresh!  by Kevin Willis

And it's everywhere. Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, you name it. Go buy some today!
Reduction  by Kevin Willis

"Reduction" was written in 2003, motivated--as much of my sci-fi stuff is--in trying to take a hard-science fiction approach to an old formula, in this case the old "Incredible Shrinking Man" formula. Movies and literature have had people shrinking, or being shrunk, for years--but in the physical world, there would be real challenges in terms of physics and chemistry to both actually shrinking a living creature, and such shrinking would definitely have negative effects on the creature being shrunk. Plus, I've been a big fan of nanotechnology since I read K. Eric Drexler's Engines of Creation.
Rain on Mars  by Kevin Willis

Another story I wrote circa 2003, this one about a Martian colony. I always thought it would be interesting to do a story about Mars that wasn't fantastical, didn't depend on some 10,000 year old alien civilazation for the drama, and had more to do with real-world politics and corporate bureaucracy than the average Mars story ever did. Thus was born: Rain on Mars.
Houdini's Box  by Kevin Willis

This is a story I wrote in 2003, an idea inspired by Jill Sobule's song, "Houdini's Box". I'm sure it's not what she had in mind, but I was listening to the song while working on one of my many unfinished novel, and it came to me completely done in my head. I think I actually wrote it down in two days--which is awfully fast for me, even for a short story. It's a fairly dark story, and deals with a child dying, so if that's not your kind of thing, I suggest you stay away.
The Bowels of Hell  by Kevin Willis

The Bowels of Hell is a short story I wrote in college, slightly ammended with a few more details a few years ago. I've always loved this story of a college English class taking a field trip to Hell. I sent it to a few magazines, and no takers, so apparently it's just me. But here it is, in all its glory.
Mud  by Kevin Willis

This is a short story I wrote in 1989 about the love and longing and being unable to connect with the object of desire. As personified by a mud-creature that lives in a pit on an old Southern farm. I've been meaning to put some of the fiction I've written over the years online in some form or fashion, and this is it.
The Ideological Divide  by Kevin Willis

I've always been interested in what causes ideological divides between us, and why, for the most part, they seem so dichotomous. We like to think it's our logic, intelligence, and rational thought, but it may just be the way we're built.

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A New Post on my Software Supply Group Blog  by Kevin Willis

I really am still here, just busy on other things (right now). I will be back. This I pledge. In the meantime . . .
Just a Couple of Links (Updated) . . .  by Kevin Willis

Just in case your interested. A quick way to look at our JRS.Medical products in a handy price comparison engine (Google's Product Search) is right here, the JRS Medical Google Products Catalog.
I'm Doing a Different Kind of Blog Now  by Kevin Willis

For Software Supply Group! Though I'm still doing this blog, any time something occurs to me. BTW,Technorati Profile <--I'm adding this so Technorati can let me claim my blog. Ding!
Elliot Spitzer Apologizes  by Kevin Willis

Might work for him. Didn't do it for Larry Craig or Mark Foley, but they were Republicans. It all worked out fine for Barney Frank, so that (D) besides his name may make it a non-issue.
The 1/2 Hour News Hour  by Kevin Willis

Going through my many, many writings, I recently discovered a half-post I had been working on shortly after the 1/2 Hours News Hour debuted on Fox. This is a little late to the game, but . . . what the heck? Here's my review, that I meant to post a year ago, of the 1/2 Hour News Hour.
I Picked HD DVD Again, And Here's Why . . .  by Kevin Willis

Even though it looks like bad news for HD DVD right now! But, I don't feel bad. Still, if you haven't bought an HD DVD player yet, you might want to go Blu-Ray.
The Golden Compass Falls Flat  by Kevin Willis

Because it wasn't a very good movie, overall. The Anti-Christian overtones might have had something to do with it, but I doubt it.
I'm Choosing HD DVD, And Here's Why . . .  by Kevin Willis

For those of you don't read Aint It Cool News, the syntax of that is a too-hip reference to that site. But it's true, cuz I have an HD DVD player.
I Don't Want To Sound Nutty, But . . .  by Kevin Willis

After a certain age, Knee Walkers can be a handy thing, especially if you don't know about them. JRS Medical has a great knee walker, and since I'm doing some work with them I've gotten to see how well they sell.
The Amazon Kindle: The Edsel of the Internet Age  by Kevin Willis

And, as much as I'd like a good e-reader, this doesn't look like this is it. But Amazon is going to push it hard.
Harry Shearer Said Political Journalists Were Too Nice to Bush  by Kevin Willis

And follows up with an incredible deal on the Brooklyn Bridge. Howza!
Koogle Peanut Butter!  by Kevin Willis

The peanut butter the the koo-koo-koogly eyes! Man, does that bring back fattening memories.
And It's Just a Commercial  by Kevin Willis

It's my first post in months, and it's just an advertisement. Sorry! I promise something more substantial in the near future.
Don Imus Is a Conservative?  by Kevin Willis

How many Kerry supporters and anti-war folks are considered conservatives? Well, right now, just about one: Don Imus!
An Email to Thomas Jefferson  by Kevin Willis

Thanks to the miracle of time-traveling email technology, I send a few thoughts to Thomas Jefferson. Actually, Clay Jenkinson, who is not actually a former president, but plays one on the radio.
Debunking Global Warming, Part 5: Comparing Global Warming to Teen Slasher Movies  by Kevin Willis

And the Frankestein monster. Or why things will never get better, and problems can never be solved, at The First Church of Climate Change.
Debunking Global Warming, Part 4: Environmentalism as Religion, Silencing the Critics  by Kevin Willis

Previously, I mentioned that there are several red flags associated with the predictions of catastrophe, and the quasi-religious modern day belief in Global Warming, that I believe should make you very suspicious about the veracity of the claims made by climate change activists . . .
Debunking Global Warming, Part 3: The Myths of Consensus  by Kevin Willis

Michael Crichton also chews up and spits out the entire idea of "scientific consensus", and I make the point--mostly by citing others who have made the point before me--that the so-called "scientific consensus", even if it had any actual value, is not so obvious and clear cut as the High Priests and Priestesses of the First Church of Climate Change would have you believe.
Debunking Global Warming, Part 2: More on Crichton, his Critics and the Tedium of Factual Debate  by Kevin Willis

More on Crichton, his critics, and The First Church of Climate Change. And don't forget that Hockey Stick.
Debunking Global Warming, Part I: Red Flags, Crichton, Crowley and the Tedium of Factual Debate  by Kevin Willis

I've been putting this off for a long time--an indepth discussion of global warming--because I knew just how big it was going to be, and how much of my time it was going to take. To make it a little easier, I'm breaking it down into bite size chunks, and this one is the first . . .
Ann Coulter, Hate Speech, Book Sales . . .  by Kevin Willis

. . . An Inconvenient Truth, Liberal Bias, Movie Box Office numbers, and more. It's been a while since I've posted, so I'm hopping around today. Hello, people!
Props to the Dems! They Carried The Day, and Good for Them  by Kevin Willis

What a sweet election victory for the Democrats, and recounts (or litigation) may make it even sweeter. Props to the Dems for nationalizing the campaign, getting out the vote, and beating the Republicans. PS: My ability at prognosticating elections clearly sucks.
It's Election Day! Or, It's Mid-Morning in America!  by Kevin Willis

My quick prediction, as good as anybody else's: several surprise Republican victories, several unsurprising Democrat victories, and both the congress and the senate will remain under Republican control, with narrowed margins.
Shut Up and Sing!  by Kevin Willis

Since the Dixie Chicks were blacklisted and we have no freedom of speech in King George BusHitler's America, how come they are still mouthing off, bad mouthing their former fans and most of the rest of America, starring in a new documentary, getting articles written about them, having videos in number one rotation on VH1 for weeks, and on the cover of magazines? And how come they are still way richer than me?

Being blacklisted and having no freedom of speech must mean something very different from what I always thought it meant.
Politicizing 9/11  by Kevin Willis

Bush makes a speech that is about the War on Terror, and he's accused of politicizing 9/11. And the Democrats proceed with a organized, talking-points filled campaign to gain political advantage from Bush's speech.
Israel, Mel Gibson, and a Subtle Oak Flavor  by Kevin Willis

Israel is under attack with rockets by a group of terrorists whose avowed agenda is the complete anhilation of the Jewish race and the media is pointing out the vile anti-Semitism of . . . Mel Gibson?
Belief in God is Bad for Society  by Kevin Willis

And they can prove it, using the magic of statistical analysis. And I do mean magic. I review Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies, and find it lacking.
Burn Ann Coulter (And Her Book, Too)  by Kevin Willis

The politically correct speech Nazis are on the March against Ann Coulter, again. Oh, hey, did I mention that these particular speech Nazis are Republicans? Oh, yeah, baby. Just more evidence that conservatives are opposed to women who speak their mind.
Some Dreams are More Common Than Others  by Kevin Willis

Evoking the images of our Orwellian present, Jay Bookman sees us surrending our liberty for a fictional security. All I can say is: Dude, come on.
Christians Aren't Just Stupid . . .  by Kevin Willis

They're a cause of numerous social ills, to boot. But they are also quite stupid, as well. And they hate sex.
Bush = Idiot  by Kevin Willis

Is Bush an Idiot? I dunno, but he's not the one campaigning against a sitting president who cannot run for re-election.
Illegal Immigrants and Democrats Think We're Stupid  by Kevin Willis

One day, they show up waving Mexican flags and flying Spanish language banners that claim California for Mexico.
When Life Hands You Lemons, Cry, Scream, Stomp Your Feet and Give Up  by Kevin Willis

With the economy rocking-and-rolling and unemployment dropping to (nearly) statistical full employment, what's the left to do? Why, complain about layoffs!
Pedophiles and the Department of Homeland Security  by Kevin Willis

How can this happen? It's because Republicans are in power! If only Democrats were in power, we'd live in a magical land where the bluebirds sing us awake in the morning and money grows on trees!
Pistol Whipped by Patton Oswalt  by Kevin Willis

Just to let you know, the entertainment industry keeps beating me. Patton says, because I'm not a billionaire, George Bush hates my f___ing guts. But who is it that really doesn't like me here?
French Youth Riot Against Facism  by Kevin Willis

No, sorry, if the French put as much energy into fighting facism and totalitarianism as they have into rioting against companies having the ability to fire incompetent or unnecessary employees, America wouldn't have constantly had to save their lazy butts
I'm in an Abusive Relationship with George Clooney  by Kevin Willis

That's right, and it's time I admit it. That's the first step to dealing with a problem, right? Admitting that you have one.
My Letter to  by Kevin Willis

LiveLiberal seeks to demonstrate that "liberal" is not a dirty word, and tries to do it in a way that leaves behind much of the vitriol.
And They Learned Nothing from the Paul Wellstone Memorial  by Kevin Willis

While Coretta Scott King may have appreciated some of the Bush-slams and questionable charges of racism made at her funeral, that still wasn't the place for Democrats to play politics. But the Democrats just can't help themselves.
And The Not-So-Smart Liberals . . .   by Kevin Willis

Are a problem, too. Conspiracy theories about stolen elections, while perhaps finding a launching pad in reality, end up way out in the stratosphere--and make their proponents sound like refugees from the asylum.
Smart Liberals, Foolish Choices, Part II  by Kevin Willis

The left has trouble dealing with the real world: that is, the real views and agenda of their political opponents, and the real world results of both political agendas.
Smart Liberals, Foolish Choices, Part I  by Kevin Willis

Liberals are smart folks. So why do they keep making such bad political choices?
The Burke Habit  by Kevin Willis

Just a quick post to point to Douglas Kern's excellent response to Jeffrey Hart's "The Burke Habit", yet another counter-factual and irrational analysis of conservatives and conservatism by a liberal for liberals.
Democracy Still Works! Thanks, MoveOn.Org!  by Kevin Willis

And what defines "Democracy Working"? Why, the left getting what it wants! Surprise, surprise.
There Are Good Arguments Against the War in Iraq  by Kevin Willis

So how come nobody on the left can make them? How come it's all conspiracy-theory, black-helicopter, America-is-evil nonsense?
The Left's New Majority  by Kevin Willis

The problem is, the left doesn't have a majority, and isn't likely to get one if they keep thinking in those terms.
A Day in the Life of Joe Republican  by Kevin Willis

It's the same old theme: conservatives are foolish, thoughtless, selfish, evil. All good things that have ever happened come from the left. If you've been exposed to the original, and would like a solid refutation, I provide you with both right here.
Wal-Mart Is Evil!  by Kevin Willis

One of the articles of faith for the modern left is the evil of Wal-Mart, employer of millions (often those who would otherwise be unemployed), and supplier of low-cost goods to everybody.
Nancy Pelosi Speaks Out!  by Kevin Willis

She calls CNN reporter out as a right-wing political hack for having the temerity to actually ask her real questions and talk about these odd things called "facts". Wow!
America Has Failed You  by Kevin Willis

Anne Rice takes a break from writing mastubatory pedophilic vampire fantasies to blame Amerikkka for hurricanes and the incompetence and corruption of decades of Democrat party rule in the Big Easy (She doesn't blame the Democrats, tho; it's your fault)!
The Left's War on Reason  by Kevin Willis

Believing there are political points to be had by attacking conservatives, white people, Christians, and blaming Bush for Hurricane Katrina, the left in America continues their relentless campaign to marginalize themselves and their agenda.
Has Bill Cosby Lost His Mind? Part II  by Kevin Willis

I finish my review of Michael Eric Dyson's largely socialist polemic in opposition to personal responsibility and self-initiative.
Has Bill Cosby Lost His Mind? Part I  by Kevin Willis

Not likely, but perhaps Michael Eric Dyson has, as he argues that government programs and wealth redistribution are the solutions to black poverty and illegitimacy, not personal responsibility and hard work.
Breasts are Best  by Kevin Willis

The Politics of Breastfeeding? Keely Savoie on AlterNet comes down right in the middle on the "great breast debate". She can't have much future at AlterNet!
You Christians are Stupid and We Hate You  by Kevin Willis

"So vote for us!" This is a winning strategy in a nation whose population self-identifies as majority Christian? And doesn't it make the lip-service religion gets from the Democrats (and sometimes the left) seem as hollow as it really is?
New Baby Girl!  by Kevin Willis

There's a new baby girl in my house, Lyndsey Callene Willis.
It's John Roberts for SCOTUS!  by Kevin Willis

John Roberts
Robert Bork
Need we say more?
The Partisan Battle is Old School  by Kevin Willis

And for the Democrats, it could use some updating.
Edith Clement for SCOTUS?  by Kevin Willis

Is Edith Clement the nomination for SCOTUS? Don't know much about her, but could be a good thing. Guaranteed to be better than Souter.
Happy Belated Birthday to the USA  by Kevin Willis

It's a great country, it has always been a great country, and it will always be a great country. God Bless the American soldier, and God Bless the USA.
I Pledge Allegiance To Utopia  by Kevin Willis

Liberals and leftists pledge allegiance to "making the world a better place". What's the road to Hell paved with again?
Never Saying "Never Again"  by Kevin Willis

When rational people who can communicate concur with, and articulate, the left's anti-American talking points, I worry. But then I remember, the spokespeople for the American left are not rational or eloquent, and I worry less.
Karl Rove Is Right  by Kevin Willis

Not only was Karl Rove right, he apparently is the evil genius he is often accused of being, capable of baiting Democrats into paroxysms of hysteria and transparent hypocrisy.
Revenge of the Sith  by Kevin Willis

George Lucas finally stops making Star Wars films, and it's probably a good thing. So, are there politics in Revenge of the Sith? Yeah, but . . .
The Nuclear Option  by Kevin Willis

Republicans want to end the filibustering against judges. There are good arguments against changing the filibuster rules, but the left doesn't want to make them. Instead, they attack the right and make up their own history. Like Molly Ivins!
The Media Landscape is Changing  by Kevin Willis

You can tell liberal dominance of the media is waning just by seeing how much they complain about the media now. But the underlying assumption they make--that their political woes are caused by their message not getting out--is still their fatal flaw.
Progressives Think for Themselves  by Kevin Willis

While right-wingers are mind-numbed robots. While we can always agree to disagree, doesn't the left ever get a cramp from patting itself on the back while pointing their fingers at the right?
Racist Republicans Want To Make Party Appeal to Blacks!  by Kevin Willis

The tone of highly partisan rhetoric never ceases to amaze me, and this is a great example of saying anything, and attacking anything, in the name of making an ideological point.
The Culture of Death  by Kevin Willis

Conservatives say Liberals embrace a "culture of death", Liberals say it's really a culture of "quality of life" that they advocate. So which is it?
You Say It's Your Birthday?  by Kevin Willis

Well, it's my birthday, too! Happy birthday to me!
Terry Shiavo and Robert Blake  by Kevin Willis

Robert Blake is innocent and Terry Shiavo is condemened to death. What does Kevin think about it?
Minority Party, Continued  by Kevin Willis

Better late than never, I finally finish my review of Pete Brown's excellent Minority Party.
Why the Democrats are the Minority Party  by Kevin Willis

Peter Brown laid it all out fourteen years ago, in the excellent and prescient Minority Party: Why Democrats Face Defeat in 1992 and Beyond.
I Want My Al TV  by Kevin Willis

Al Gore is slowly making his vision of a left-leaning cable news channel a reality. But even if it does well, does it make any difference for the Democrats?
Musings For a New Year  by Kevin Willis

Random thoughts about the state of the world. Elections in Iraq, tsunamis in Indonesia, the state of the left.
The Hated Criminal, Snowball!  by Kevin Willis

No risk of thoughtfulness or introspection from the American left as every liberal with any idea other than even more radicalism pushing the Democrats even further to the left is immediately branded an enemy and a corporate shill.
Alternet Psychosis  by Kevin Willis

The left and right define human rights different. For the left, human rights are the illusion of "social welfare" and "privacy rights" and "sovreignity", while to the right, human rights are about freedom.
Raising The Minimum Wage  by Kevin Willis

As the move away from blaming the stupid voters and evil Republicans, liberals are actually coming up with some good ideas. Conservatives should pay attention, as feel-good liberalism gets wide support in the general population.
Is Liberalism Dead? Not Likely  by Kevin Willis

The bad news for the right is some on the left are actually articulating reasonably intelligent political strategies. The good news is they will face a long road and a lot of opposition from their fellow travelers.
Homegrown Demagogue  by Kevin Willis

Garrison Keillor's Homegrown Democrat tries to make the case of plain-spoken, regular-folks goodness of Democrats, compared to the congenital evil of Republicans.
Wandering Off The Plantation  by Kevin Willis

Has any group ever been more attacked and maligned than black conservatives? From Condi Rice to Colin Powell, liberals have savaged black conservatives--and William Jelani Cobb is keeping the tradition alive.
What is the Matter With Democrats?  by Kevin Willis

Hint: it's not what they think.
Laptops, Desktops, Robosapien and More  by Kevin Willis

I work at a great place to get PC hardware (and more) at great prices. So, today, that's what I'm talking about. For great deal on PC Desktops and laptops, including the excellent Averatecs, at SaveAtEagle.
And They Say We're Stupid . . .   by Kevin Willis

The Democrats say we're stupid and, when they don't, they obviously think we're stupid. But is repeatedly losing elections really a sign of intelligence?
A National Party No More  by Kevin Willis

Have you ever known somebody who had everything going for them, but behaved as if they were determined to sabotage themselves and do everything wrong to achieve what they claimed to want? Am I the only person who sees that in the Democratic Party?
I Can't Wait To Vote  by Kevin Willis

I just watched Bush's acceptance speech, and I've never been more excited about voting in my life. I'm pumped. And it has been a historic convention. The difference could not be more profound. Nor the reality more bleak for liberals.
The Myth of Media Bias, Revisisted  by Kevin Willis

No liberal media bias? The bizarre thing is, I think liberals are serious when they say there's no media bias, unless it's conservative. But, like most things liberals are serious about, they are wrong.
The Log Cabin Republicans Perpetuate a Myth  by Kevin Willis

All right, I understand gay people involved in politics can't think about much of anything beyond their sexual idenitity, but "moderate" Republicans do as much as the leftist kooks to perpetuate false stereotypes.
Michael Moore is Democracy  by Kevin Willis

I actually admire Michael Moore, in that he's got the courage of his convictions and he's honest about who he is. But does that mean a major political party should treat him seriously?
The Vision of the Annointed  by Kevin Willis

Thomas Sowell does as good a job as anybody ever has in articulating the differences between the left and right, and the worldview and strategies of each--but especially the left--from a conservative perspective as anyone ever has.
The Academic Bill of Rights  by Kevin Willis

Coservative firebrand and "bomb-thrower" David Horowitz has been pushing an academic bill of rights for the nation's institutions of higher learning? Is it an effort to inject politics into the classroom, as critics claim?
The Smartest Guys in The Room  by Kevin Willis

Enron has been hashed and rehashed, but I haven't seen a more thorough discussion about what happened and how than The Smartest Guys In The Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron, by Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind.
The AP Carries Water for Environmental Activists  by Kevin Willis

Reasonable people can agree to disagree, and where empirical evidence is less than ideal, disagreement will be plentiful. Yet the AP only carries one side of this story.
The Evil SUV - My Email to Gregg Easterbrook  by Kevin Willis

Gregg Easterbrook wrote the fabulous book, The Progress Paradox, that does a good job of debunking, or at least placing in context, our human obsession with doom and gloom. But is he right about SUVs?
I Demand to See Michael Moore's Dental Records  by Kevin Willis

Moore, typically disingenous, trots out the libs favorite weapon, especially for conservative politicians: the Big Liberal Lie.
Bush Bets on Big Government  by Kevin Willis

Finally, Republicans control it all, so it's back to smaller government, right? Wrong! It's back to Big Government--in fact, the Biggest Government ever!
The Problem With Rich People Is . . .   by Kevin Willis

The problem with rich people is that they can be as irrational and nasty and difficult and impulsive and shallow as . . . well . . . any other human beings. So what's the solution?
Fox News: Fair and Balanced?  by Kevin Willis

Is Fox News really Fair and Balanced? Or is that even the point? You decide.
The Reagans  by Kevin Willis

The Reagans is a typical left-leaning take on Ronald Reagan designed to minimize the man and his ideology, but does the conservative reaction make sense?
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